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(417) 831-0749  or  (417) 294-3377 cell
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Discounted rates for 2 - 4 prescheduled/prepaid tunings per year
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Tuning Rates

If your piano has been regularly maintained, you can expect to pay for a Basic Fine Tuning ($110) + any Other Potential Costs (see below). However, depending on the condition of your piano, an additional 1, 2, or 3 Pre-tuning Pitch Correction(s) ($35-$105) may be be necessary within the SAME visit to bring your instrument to standard A=440 pitch before a fine tuning can be accomplished.

I will always notify you (and show you) when any Pre-tuning Pitch Corrections are necessary before I begin any work. See now if you might need a pitch correction.

1) Tuning Service for Regularly Maintained Pianos:
Fine Tuning -
This is your total cost, assuming that the piano is in tunable condition, no additional repair work is needed prior to tuning, the piano does not need a pitch correction of more than 8 cents prior to tuning (2 cents or less for concert work), and you are within my normal 40 mile radius service area (see below).
Most regularly maintained pianos tuned once or twice per year would fall into this category.

2) Tuning Service for Occasionally Maintained Pianos:
1 Pre-tuning Pitch Correction $35 + 1 Fine Tuning $110 = $145
This is your total cost, assuming that the piano is in tunable condition, no additional repair work is needed prior to tuning, the piano is no more than 25 cents flat, and you are within my normal 40 mile radius service area (see below).

Note: Most new clients who haven't had their piano serviced in the last couple years fall into this category.

3) Tuning Service for Badly Neglected Pianos:
2 or 3 Pre-tuning Pitch Corrections $70 - $105
+ 1 Fine Tuning $110.00 =
$180 - $215
This is the total cost range, assuming that the piano is in tunable condition, no additional repair work is needed prior to tuning, and you are within my normal 40 mile radius service area (see below). Typically, pianos that have been neglected for many years fall into this category. A piano that is 50-100 cents flat will need 2 Pre-tunings. A piano 100 - 150 cents flat would need 3 Pre-tunings prior to a "Fine Tuning".
Note: I say "Fine Tuning" loosly because even though I can tune a piano in this condition to sound musical today, it will only become more stable, and hold its tune better, after regular tunings have been established. Don't expect perfection today. We're making up for many years of neglect.

4) D.O.A. - Dead On Arrival Pianos:
$75.00 (min. service call)
Sometimes a piano will have serious structural problems and conditions that will not permit it to be tuned properly, or its overall condition is so poor that it would be unethical to encourage the customer to put any additional money into it. At that point, the piano has outlived its usefulness and the owner should consider replacing it with an instrument of better quality.  

Tuning Rates
Other Potential Costs
Repair/Regulation Rates
Debit/Credit Card Fees
Moving Rates
Service Area Map
Out of Service Area Fee

I accept:

Credit Cards*

Square Chip Card Reader

*Note: A Swipe Fee of 3.5% will be added for this service.

I offer Piano Tuning
Services to these areas
in Missouri:

Strafford, Mo
Springfield, Mo
Ozark, Mo
Nixa, Mo
Marshfield, Mo
Rogersville, Mo
Republic, Mo
Branson, Mo
Ash Grove, Mo
Fair Grove, Mo
Ebenezer, Mo
Cave Spring, Mo
Walnut Grove, Mo
Pleasant Hope, Mo
Sparta, Mo

and surrounding areas.

Special arrangements can sometimes be made out of my normal service area.

Other Potential Costs

Out of Service Area Fee:
$1.00/mile (one way)
(for distances over 40 miles away)
See my service area map and examples below.

Repair/Regulation labor rate:
Charged if and when repairs and/or regulation are needed that require more than 10-15 min. Often, during a tuning visit, very minor repairs and minor regulation adjustments can be included at no additional charge. However, if additional time and charges are expected, I will let you know before the work is done. Labor is charged in 15 min. increments (after 1st hr. minimum on basic service calls).   
Most parts, and all accessories, are extra.

Basic Service Call (non-tuning):
This charge covers basic travel expenses and guarantees a 1 hr. minimum labor charge when called out for a consultation, inspection, repair work when no tuning is performed, or if the piano is D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) and cannot be tuned. Includes 1st hour work. Any additional time is calculated per the above labor rate.
An addititional Out of Service Area Fee may still apply.

Debit and Credit Card Swipe Fees:
(Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover)

A 2.75% Swipe fee applies to all Debit and Credit Card transactions.



2 or 4 pre-scheduled/pre-paid tunings per year

(Applies to tuning rate only.  Regular rates apply for repair or regulation work)

View or download (PDF version) a more complete list of rates including:
cleaning, string replacement, regulation, and pre-scheduled multiple tuning discounts.
My Approximate Normal Service Area
(40 miles radius)
(Shaded area is only approximate.  I go by odometer reading, therefore, some areas within the shaded area that do not have straight routes to my home will be an Out of Service Area Fee accordingly). 
Out of Service Area Fee Examples
Out of Service Area Fee for this example = $10.00

The easiest way to figure my Out of Service Area Fee:
1) Find the distance from the YY (Division St.) and Hwy 125 intersection in Strafford, Mo. to your house (one way)
2) Subtract 40 from the total distance.
That's will be the Out of Service Area Fee.

(More specifically, use: 1694 N. State Hwy 125, Strafford, Mo. 65757 if using google maps for your calculation)  

Example 1: 50 (total miles one way) - 40 (free miles) = $10
Example 2: 85 (total miles one way) - 40 (free miles) = $45

10 miles Out of Service Area Fee
@ $1.00/mi. (one way)
50 total miles (one way)
40 FREE miles
Example: If you live 50 miles away, you pay an additional $10 Out of Service Area Fee for the additional 10 miles beyond my normal 40 mile service area.
 Do I need a Pre-tuning Pitch Correction?

To get an idea if your piano will need a pitch adustment, click on the play buttons below and compare these tones to your A49 (A above middle C which is the 49th key from the bottom of the piano-including black notes). Your A should match A=440 pretty closely. If it matches the 50 cents flat or the 100 cents flat tone closer, you will definitely need a pitch correction before your piano can be musically tuned to standard pitch.

Listen to
(10 sec.)

Listen to
50 cents flat!
(10 sec.)

Listen to
100 cents flat!
(10 sec.)


Moving Rates:

Spinets / Consoles / Studios (up to 48" tall)

$125 First 20 miles (stop to stop)
+ $4/mile (one way) additional miles
+ $5.00 Per Step (Up or Down) **
+ Maneuvers (Prices Vary)

Large Uprights / Baby Grands (5'6'' or less)

Currently I don't move!

Full Size "Parlor" Grands (5'6" to 6'6")

Currently I don't move!

Concert Grands (6'6"and over) or Square Grands

Currently I don't move!

** All steps are charged for, even if ramp is used. Exception: for example, if ramp can be placed directly between porch and trailer to avoid inclines.

Above prices are for local moves less than 150 mi (one way), and 3 or less stairs at each location.

Visit my Moving page for more info.

Call (417) 831-0749, (417) 294-3377 cell, or email for a tuning!
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